Superflex Steel Strap

Cyklop SKU: Superflex
Superflex Steel Strap
Superflex Steel Strap

Superflex Steel Strap

Cyklop SKU: Superflex

Superflex Steel Strap: Engineered for the Toughest Applications

Introducing the Superflex Steel Strap, the ultimate solution for heavy-duty strapping needs. Designed to withstand the most demanding conditions, Superflex combines unparalleled tensile strength with exceptional elasticity, making it perfect for securing sharp-cornered products like stones or steel plates. Whether for manual devices or machines, Superflex offers the resilience and durability your heavy applications require.

Unmatched Strength and Flexibility

With a minimum tensile strength of 1,000 N/mm² and the ability to stretch to maximum capacity, Superflex Steel Strapping stands out as a superior choice for industries that demand the highest level of security and shock absorption. Its high shock reserve ensures that even the sharpest corners are safely contained without compromising the integrity of the strap or the safety of the product.

Features of Superflex Steel Strap:

  • Wide Range of Dimensions: Available in widths from 13mm to 32mm, Superflex caters to a broad spectrum of strapping requirements.
  • Exceptional Tension Capacity: Capable of handling tensions up to 26,500 N, it is designed for the heaviest of uses.
  • Versatility in Application: Suitable for both manual and machine use, Superflex provides flexibility across various operational setups.
  • Diverse Surface Finishes: Choose from a wide array of surface finishes to match specific needs and preferences.
  • Winding Options: Available in both European Winding (EW) and American Winding (AW), offering compatibility with different strapping equipment.

Perfect for Heavy and Sharp-Edged Products

Superflex is specifically engineered for products that pose a challenge to ordinary strapping solutions. Its high elasticity and tensile strength make it ideal for securing items with sharp edges or irregular shapes, ensuring they remain stable and protected through all stages of handling and transport.

Choose Superflex for Heavy-Duty Security

Opting for our Superflex Steel Strap means selecting a strapping solution that refuses to compromise on strength, flexibility, or reliability. It's the preferred choice for industries looking for an effective way to secure heavy and potentially hazardous materials.

Discover the strength and versatility of Superflex Steel Strap and take your heavy-duty strapping operations to the next level. With Superflex, you can trust that even the most challenging loads are secured safely and efficiently.

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