Hi-Res Case Coders

Hi-Res Case Coders

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Enhance Your Packaging Efficiency with Precision Series High-Resolution Case Coders

In today's fast-paced production environments, the need for durable, high-quality coding on packaging is more critical than ever. The Precision Series High-Resolution Case Coders, including the Precision Series 72 and Precision Series 18, are at the forefront of packaging innovation, offering unparalleled clarity and longevity in case coding. Utilizing advanced piezoelectric printhead technology, these case coders are designed to meet the rigorous demands of the shipping and distribution process.

The Power of Piezoelectric Printheads in Precision Series Case Coders

How Piezoelectric Technology Works:

  • Ink Pressurization: The Precision Series Case Coders precisely pressurize the ink, ensuring a smooth and consistent distribution across each carton.
  • Creation of Ink Droplets: By employing a sophisticated combination of electrical charges and vibrations, these printers generate individual ink droplets for precise application.
  • Accurate Droplet Placement: The droplets are propelled onto the substrate in a meticulously controlled manner, resulting in sharp, well-defined images that stand the test of time.

This innovative piezoelectric technology allows the Precision Series to utilize thicker ink formulas, such as oil-based inks, which are typically unsuitable for other marking technologies. The result is lasting images with superior DPI (dots per inch) resolution, ensuring your cases remain clearly marked from warehouse to delivery.

The Advantages of High-Resolution Case Coding with the Precision Series

Cost-Effective Labeling Solutions: Switching to direct printing with Precision Series Case Coders significantly lowers material costs by eliminating the need for expensive adhesive-backed labels, reducing waste and saving resources.

Minimized Labeling Errors: The risk of human error in hand-labeling is a significant concern for supply chains. The Precision Series' direct printing capability eradicates common mistakes associated with manual labeling, ensuring accuracy and avoiding costly supply chain disruptions.

Boosted Labeling Speed and Accuracy: With the capability to code at speeds up to 60 meters per minute, the Precision Series dramatically outperforms traditional hand-labeling methods in both speed and precision, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Why Choose Precision Series for Your Case Coding Needs?

The Precision Series High-Resolution Case Coders by InkJet, Inc. represent a leap forward in packaging technology, delivering not just exceptional print quality but also a robust solution for the modern supply chain's demands. Embrace the future of case coding and join the multitude of businesses enhancing their packaging processes with the reliability and efficiency of the Precision Series.

Transform your packaging efficiency and accuracy with the Precision Series – where innovative technology meets unparalleled performance in high-resolution case coding.