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    Value-Driven, Reliable Marking and Coding Solutions

    Welcome to the forefront of marking and coding technology at InkJet, Inc. Our state-of-the-art solutions, including the Anser, Duracode, Precision Series, and LightJet systems, are designed to meet the diverse needs of modern industries. From continuous and thermal inkjet printers to laser marking systems, print and apply labeling, and high-resolution case coders, our product lineup ensures unmatched quality and efficiency for your products, components, and packaging.

    Duracode Continuous Inkjet Printers

    The Duracode Continuous Inkjet Printer series stands at the pinnacle of reliability and flexibility, offering high-speed, non-contact printing across a variety of materials. Designed to effortlessly handle uneven surfaces with its fast-drying inks and user-friendly interface, Duracode is your go-to for enduring codes. Whether it's expiration dates, lot numbers, or vivid logos on bottles and cans, Duracode delivers with unmatched efficiency.

    Anser Thermal Inkjet Printers

    Enter the realm of high-resolution printing with ease and affordability with Anser Thermal Inkjet Printers. Known for their compact design and maintenance-free operation, Anser printers excel in delivering high-quality prints on both porous and non-porous surfaces. From barcodes and QR codes to detailed text on retail packaging and labels, Anser ensures clarity and precision in every print.

    LightJet Laser Marking Systems

    LightJet Laser Marking Systems redefine precision and permanence in industrial marking. These systems are engineered for high-speed marking with excellent readability and minimal maintenance, making them ideal for metals, plastics, and other hard surfaces. Whether you need detailed graphics, text, or serialization, LightJet offers eco-friendly operation without compromising on quality.

    Print and Apply Labeling Systems

    Our Print and Apply Labeling Systems are tailored for businesses seeking efficient, automated solutions for label printing and application. These systems are designed to print labels in real-time, boasting a robust design and seamless integration with existing production lines. They are indispensable for applying shipping labels, compliance labels, and product identification on boxes and pallets, ensuring your operations run smoothly.

    Precision Series Hi-Res Case Coders

    The Precision Series Hi-Res Case Coders are your solution for crisp, clear coding on cases and cartons. Known for their high-resolution printing, versatility in ink choices, and straightforward operation, these coders are perfect for branding, listing ingredients, and printing barcodes on secondary packaging. Precision Series coders bring high-quality, efficient printing directly to your production line.

    Choosing the Right Solution

    Navigating the vast world of marking and coding can be challenging, but you're not alone. Our experts at InkJet, Inc. are here to guide you to the best solution tailored to your unique industry requirements. We're committed to understanding your challenges and recommending the Anser, Duracode, Precision Series, LightJet, or other solutions that best fit your needs.

    Ready to Elevate Your Marking and Coding Processes?

    Elevate your marking and coding processes with InkJet, Inc. today. Reach out to our specialists for a consultation and discover the optimal solution to advance your business. With our leading-edge technology and dedicated support, we're here to ensure your success in the competitive market.

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