SDS Request

What is an SDS Request? Discover the Importance of Safety Data Sheets.

An SDS (Safety Data Sheet) request is crucial for anyone looking to understand the comprehensive details about chemicals. These sheets cover a myriad of vital information, including the characteristics of each chemical, the potential health, physical, and environmental hazards, as well as the necessary protective measures and safety precautions for handling, storing, and transporting these substances.

How to Identify the Right SDS for Your InkJet Products Requesting an SDS: Precision is Key

When it comes to InkJet products, the specificity of your SDS request cannot be overstated. Given that SDSs are meticulously prepared for every container size and ink mixture alias, securing the precise SDS for your particular product is paramount. This ensures you receive the correct information tailored to the specific risks and safety measures relevant to the product you are using.

To request an SDS for an InkJet, Inc. product, simply complete the form provided below. It is essential to include the exact product name and the reorder number to facilitate the accurate identification and provision of the relevant Safety Data Sheet.