Semi-Automatic Case Sealer: CT 303 TB

Cyklop SKU: CT-303TB
Semi-Automatic Case Sealer: CT 303 TB
Semi-Automatic Case Sealer: CT 303 TB

Semi-Automatic Case Sealer: CT 303 TB

Cyklop SKU: CT-303TB

CT 303 TB Semi-Automatic Case Sealer: Precision Sealing for Every Box Size

Introducing the CT 303 TB, a versatile semi-automatic case sealer designed to accommodate the unique demands of sealing low boxes or high boxes with a small footprint. Ideal for operations utilizing PP and PVC tape, the CT 303 TB ensures that every box, regardless of its height, is sealed with perfect precision. This machine simplifies the packaging process by automatically taping both top and bottom flaps after manual insertion, providing a seamless and efficient closure solution.

Tailored for Stability and Efficiency

With top and bottom transport belts, the CT 303 TB guarantees stable box transport through the machine, resulting in a consistently perfect closure. Its ability to adapt quickly to various box sizes, combined with its ease of adjustment for both height and width, makes it a highly flexible solution for packaging lines dealing with a diverse range of package dimensions.

Key Features of the CT 303 TB Case Sealer:

  • Tape Compatibility: Specifically designed for use with 50 mm PP and PVC tape, offering broad tape compatibility for various packaging needs.
  • Dual Sealing Capability: Equipped for both top and bottom sealing, enhancing package security and integrity during transport.
  • High Throughput: Capable of sealing up to 1,400 boxes per hour, significantly increasing your packaging line's productivity.
  • Stable Box Transport: Features top and bottom transport belts for reliable and stable box handling, ensuring every seal is precise.
  • Adjustable for Various Sizes: Easily adjustable to accommodate different box heights and widths, making it suitable for a wide array of packaging applications.

Perfect Solution for Diverse Packaging Needs

The CT 303 TB is engineered for businesses requiring a reliable, efficient case sealing solution for boxes of varying sizes. Whether you're working with low-profile boxes or taller packages with a smaller base, the CT 303 TB adjusts to meet your needs, allowing for professional sealing of thousands of packages daily.

Enhance Your Packaging Line with the CT 303 TB

Opt for the CT 303 TB Semi-Automatic Case Sealer to benefit from a machine that combines flexibility, efficiency, and precision. Elevate your packaging process with a solution that delivers consistent, professional results across a range of box sizes and types. Discover the difference with the CT 303 TB and ensure your products are secured with superior sealing quality.

Explore the features of the CT 303 TB Semi-Automatic Case Sealer today and take a step towards optimized packaging efficiency and productivity.

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