PET Classic Strap

Cyklop SKU: PET Classic
PET Classic Strap
PET Classic Strap

PET Classic Strap

Cyklop SKU: PET Classic

PET Classic Strap: Your Versatile Solution for Securing Loads

Introducing the PET Classic Strap, our flagship Polyester (PET) Strapping solution designed for a broad spectrum of applications, from light to medium/heavy loads. Renowned for its versatility and durability, especially with sharp-edged packages, the PET Classic has become our best-selling PET strap. Its superior performance and adaptability make it an essential component for businesses looking for reliable strapping solutions.

Engineered for Excellence: The PET Classic Advantage

The PET Classic Strap is crafted to meet the diverse needs of modern packaging requirements. Whether you're securing light items or medium/heavy loads, this strap provides the strength and flexibility needed to ensure your products are safely bundled.

Key Features of PET Classic Strap:

  • Width Options: Ranging from 9mm to 18.5mm, our PET Classic Strap can accommodate various package sizes and weights.
  • High Tension Strength: With a tension capacity of up to 8,500 N, it's built to secure loads firmly and efficiently.
  • Elasticity: An 11% stretch percentage allows for tight, secure bundling while accommodating slight movements during transit, preventing load shifting.
  • Application Flexibility: Suitable for both manual and machine use, the PET Classic Strap offers operational versatility for all your strapping needs.
  • Packaging Varieties: Available per roll or in convenient dispenser boxes, catering to different operational scales and requirements.
  • Customization: Choose from various colors, with the option for color printing to enhance brand visibility or provide handling instructions.

Ideal for Sharp-Edged Packages

The PET Classic Strap stands out for its ability to handle packages with sharp edges without compromising the integrity of the strap or the safety of the package. This makes it an indispensable solution for industries dealing with metal parts, construction materials, and other sharp-edged items.

Versatile, Strong, and Reliable

Broad Application Range: From retail packaging to industrial bundling, the PET Classic Strap is versatile enough to secure a wide array of product types, ensuring maximum protection and stability.

Customizable for Branding: With color options and printing capabilities, it offers an excellent opportunity for branding, making your packages stand out while ensuring they're securely sealed.

Choose PET Classic Strap for Secure, Flexible Packaging Solutions

By opting for our PET Classic Strap, you're choosing a product known for its reliability, strength, and adaptability. It's not just about securing your loads; it's about doing so efficiently and safely, regardless of the load type or operational scale.

Discover the difference with our PET Classic Strap and see why it's the preferred choice for businesses seeking versatile and dependable strapping solutions.

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