Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapper CST 203

Cyklop SKU: CST-203
Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapper CST 203
Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapper CST 203

Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapper CST 203

Cyklop SKU: CST-203

High-Speed Semi-Automatic Pallet Wrapper CST-203: Your Solution for Efficient Packaging

Elevate your packaging operations with the CST-203, a semi-automatic pallet wrapper renowned for its high processing speed and versatility. Engineered to handle a diverse range of packaging needs, this machine effortlessly wraps boxes, sacks, and various packages, streamlining your operations and boosting productivity.

Key Features of the CST-203 Pallet Wrapper

  • Intuitive Operation: Equipped with a user-friendly touch screen panel, the CST-203 offers intuitive commands that simplify the wrapping process. Its visual and audio alerts ensure seamless operation, minimizing downtime and enhancing efficiency.
  • Adjustable Pre-Stretching System: Tailor your wrapping to specific needs with the CST-203’s manually adjustable pre-stretching system. This feature allows for optimal film usage and ensures each package is securely wrapped for transit or storage.
  • Innovative "Easy to Pass" Film Loading: Our revolutionary "easy to pass" system simplifies the film loading process, ensuring quick and easy stretch film changes to keep your operations running smoothly.
  • Enhanced Cargo Detection: With its advanced photocell technology, the CST-203 accurately detects cargo height, ensuring precise wrap application every time.
  • Customizable Wrapping Programs: Choose from eight programmable settings to meet the unique demands of your packaging operations, allowing for a tailored approach to wrapping that maximizes efficiency and product protection.
  • Optional Ramp for Easy Loading: Enhance the functionality of your CST-203 with an optional ramp, facilitating easy pallet loading and unloading, perfect for operations without a forklift.

Elevate Your Packaging Efficiency

The CST-203 semi-automatic pallet wrapper is the ideal solution for businesses seeking to improve their packaging process with a high-speed, versatile, and user-friendly machine. From its adjustable pre-stretching to customizable wrapping programs, this machine is designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern packaging environments.


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