Anser X1 Thermal Inkjet Printer

Anser SKU: X1
Anser X1 Thermal Inkjet Printer Details
Anser X1 Thermal Inkjet Printer Cartrige
Anser X1 Thermal Inkjet Printer
Anser X1 Thermal Inkjet Printer

Anser X1 Thermal Inkjet Printer

Anser SKU: X1

Embrace the Future of Industrial Coding with the X1 Printer

Join the new era of industrial coding with the X1, designed to redefine reliability and efficiency in your business operations. Crafted with excellence, the X1 offers businesses a truly maintenance-free solution without compromising on quality. Equipped with ANSER's groundbreaking NEXGen technology, the X1 printer leads the way in versatility and performance, seamlessly integrating into demanding production lines with ease. Its capability to drive various Thermal Inkjet (TIJ) printhead technologies with easy switching enhances its flexibility, allowing for a diverse ink portfolio tailored to meet specific substrate requirements. Discover simplicity combined with power in the X1 – a high-resolution inkjet printer that sets the standard for flexibility and performance in its class.

Features and Specifications:

  • 3-in-1 Coding Technology: Choose from an extensive cartridge selection offering more ink solutions to perfectly match your printing needs.
    • HP: Opt for versatile 0.5-inch cartridges for water, solvent, or color ink solutions, including a high-volume 420ml Bulk Ink Solution for cost-effective printing.
    • IUT: Benefit from non-stitched 1-inch cartridges for seamless large-format printing, available in water or solvent-based inks ideal for primary and secondary packaging.
    • FUNAI: Achieve non-contact printing up to 10mm away from the substrate, with high-adhesion solvent ink suitable for most non-porous surfaces. GMP cartridges feature EU/Halah certified food-grade ink solutions.

Unparalleled Reliability and Stability:

  • Engineered with an industrial-grade mechanical design, the X1 ensures consistent coding stability and reliability, performing optimally in both high and low-temperature environments.

Robustness That Stands the Test of Time:

  • The X1 features a robust capacitive touchscreen, designed for quick and accurate response and durability against accidental impacts. It's compatible with most medical and industrial gloves, ensuring uninterrupted operation.

High Speed & High Resolution Coding:

  • Achieve print speeds of up to 300m/min at 60 DPI, catering to high-speed production requirements with clarity and precision (cartridge dependent).

Expand Your Printing Capabilities:

  • With the potential for 2-inch print height expandability using dual ANSER 1-inch cartridges, the X1 offers a cost-effective alternative for case labeling, expanding your printing capabilities without additional investment.

Achieve Non-Stop Coding with Zero Downtime:

  • The X1's parallel printhead design allows for cartridge replacement without halting production, enabling true zero downtime and uninterrupted efficiency.

Step into the future of industrial coding with the X1 printer, where unmatched flexibility meets best-in-class performance. Designed for businesses seeking a reliable, maintenance-free coding solution, the X1 leverages ANSER NEXGen technology to deliver versatility and excellence in every print. Enhance your production line with the X1 and experience the pinnacle of industrial coding technology.

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