Flex Printer E-Series

InkJet, Inc. SKU: URANO N
Flex Printer E-Series

Flex Printer E-Series

InkJet, Inc. SKU: URANO N


Step into the future of production efficiency with the E-Series Pneumatic Labeling System. Crafted for seamless compatibility with both TEC and ZEBRA printers, this advanced pneumatic applicator is the ultimate solution for your labeling needs. From crisp logos to essential alphanumeric data and precise barcodes, the E-Series ensures your products stand out in the market.

Key Features

  • Flexible Label Application: With a sophisticated design that includes a cylinder with suction plate and label blower, apply your labels on the side or top of products effortlessly.
  • Superior Printing Quality: Leverage the power of TEC and ZEBRA printers for unmatched clarity in logos, alphanumeric information, and barcodes.
  • Customizable Options: Tailor the E-Series to your production line with additional features like dedicated software, a label presence sensor, and more for an optimal labeling solution.
  • Smart Adjustments: Benefit from the self-dimensioning cylinder stroke sensor that adapts to different product heights, ensuring perfect label placement every time.
  • Dependable Notifications: Stay ahead of supplies with optical/acoustic alarms for low labels or tape, keeping your operations smooth.

Discover the E-Series System

The E-Series Pneumatic Labeling System is more than just a label applicator; it's a comprehensive solution designed to boost your production line's output. Perfectly suited for the application of top, bottom, and side self-adhesive labels, this system integrates effortlessly with automatic self-adhesive label applicators. With its robust construction and printer compatibility, the E-Series promises accurate, professional labeling for all your products.

Technical Specifications

From its versatile printing width options (104 mm or 170 mm) to the choice of advanced pneumatic materials (SMC or Festo), the E-Series is built for precision and dependability. Features such as thermal transfer or direct heat transfer printing capabilities and a microprocessor-controlled unit for managing the application cycle underline its sophisticated technology.

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