Fluid Manufacturing Production Manager


Willis, TX


InkJet, Inc. is seeking a Fluids Production and Safety Manager to oversee the processing and packaging operations for a diverse range of inks and makeups, aligning production with inventory needs and new product launches. This role ensures efficient material and assembly workflows within the production department. The Fluids Production Manager fosters a culture of continuous improvement aimed at consistently surpassing operational goals.

The ideal candidate will excel in managing complex tasks simultaneously with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring operational efficiency and timely project delivery. They will demonstrate robust troubleshooting and decision-making capabilities, adopting a results-driven approach to overcome challenges. Leadership qualities are paramount, as the role requires guiding and motivating teams towards achieving excellence. Familiarity with a broad spectrum of inkjet manufacturing practices enhances their ability to innovate and introduce effective solutions creatively.


  • Production Oversight: Oversee the scheduling, production, and packaging of inkjet fluids. This includes issuing batch tickets and ensuring all products meet quality standards. Implement process enhancements to optimize production speed and maintain compliance with ISO standards.
  • Supervisory Development: Professionally develop supervisors by setting objectives, assigning projects, and conducting performance assessments in collaboration with Human Resources. Provide continuous coaching and feedback to enhance leadership skills within the production department.
  • Compliance and Training: Ensure production processes adhere to all safety and environmental regulations. Train employees on workplace safety, health topics, and proper personal protective equipment (PPE) use. Maintain and update safety management files and conduct regular risk assessments to ensure compliance with OSHA and ISO guidelines.
  • Quality and Equipment Management: Monitor production standards and measurements continuously to improve processes and systems. Ensure timely lab analysis of samples and promptly address equipment issues to minimize downtime. Promoting process improvement.
  • Production Department Staffing: Serve as the hiring manager for the Production department, working closely with Human Resources to ensure appropriate staffing levels. Provide guidance to employees on company policies, address performance or conduct-related issues, and maintain compliance with employment laws.
  • Material and Resource Management: Assist in managing material demands with the Procurement department and perform random inspections of incoming packaging materials. Ensure all key subordinates know their responsibilities, including ordering raw materials, packaging materials, and solvents.
  • SAP Management: Utilize SAP to track production metrics and maintain detailed reports on production activities, improvements, and issues. Keep a well-documented pipeline of upcoming production schedules and requirements.


  • Bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering or business management and 3+ years of relevant experience within production or manufacturing environment


  • 2+ years’ experience with SAP
  • 2+ years’ experience working with pivot tables in Excel
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