When to Upgrade Old Batch Lot Number Character Printer Make Printervention

Printervention Episode 5



Are your printers so old that you’re thinking of burning them? On this episode of Printervention, we’re gonna be covering that topic with Matt Vardeman.

Looking to Replace Old Out of Date Thermal Inkjet Equipment

A major coffee manufacturer has been a customer of InkJet Inc thermal inkjet printers for a decade. This manufacturer needed a single system that was reliable, fast, and capable of printing on plastic, metal, or cardboard.

Hard to Find Spare Parts and Software:

As spare parts and software updates for the TM 2000 system were no longer available, the manufacturer chose to wait until a newer model by Anser became available.

Best IP66 Rated Thermal Inkjet on the Market

The customer found InkJet Inc, the master distributor for the Anser X1, to be the perfect fit for their needs. With the X1 printer, coffee manufacturers had a variety of options when it came to printing codes on the production line, including primary markings as well as secondary markings.


The X1 printer fit all of the customer's printing requirements and allowed them to maintain a high OEE. In addition to EAN 128, Code 128, Code 39, Datamatrix, QR, and other one-dimensional barcodes, the X1 can produce crisp two-dimensional barcodes. To ensure the best print quality, it can automatically identify and select the appropriate firing parameter.