Printing on Electrical Cable Connectors

Printing on Electrical Cable Connectors - PRINTERVENTION Episode 1

Marc: You just sold a DuraCode (DuraCode is InkJet, Inc.’s CIJ or Continuous inkjet printer)

Dean: Yes sir, two of them

Marc: Tell me about the customer you worked with, what they do, and what they are going to use the DuraCode CIJ printers for.

Dean: So they make electrical cables with connectors on either end and they have a need to code (print) on the connectors. They cook the connectors to make sure the ink adheres permanently, so we use a retort ink.

Marc: What does that mean?

Dean: It means that the ink is able to withstand high temperatures and remain legible.

Marc: And it’s just a black ink?

Dean: Yes. They do use a white ink as well. A white CIJ ink for DuraCode is pigmented and will be available from InkJet, Inc. soon.

Dean: They were using two older-style Videojet Excel printers on traversing systems. They have a linear and a circular traversing system. And the trick was getting our printers to work with their current systems. So, we had to mess with the wires to get it to work, and our field service technician was awesome in getting that done.

Marc: So we did a trial?

Dean: Yes, we did a trial.

Dean: They have two machines because they were used to one printer going down because of the older Videojet Excel technology wasn’t as reliable.

Marc: Nice! Congratulations.

Dean: Thanks.