Printervention Video Series

InkJet, Inc. Introduces “PRINTERVENTION”, a video series for the Packaging Industry

InkJet, Inc. is excited to announce the launch of a new video series called “PRINTERVENTION”, which is a play on words using the words printer and intervention. The series is meant to help the packaging industry with marking and coding by sharing various applications and processes, lessons learned, pain points, product highlights, comparisons and much more.

“We really do think of our customers as partners and our goal is to continually find ways to help them, “said Marc Berger, Director of Marketing with InkJet, Inc. “Providing content to share knowledge and not just make commercials is important to us. It also gives people the opportunity to see the real people in our company. If we educate the best we can, we find that our relationships with customers are more fulfilling for both us,” added Berger.

The series currently consists of four episodes but shooting continues almost daily. The episodes are not scripted or rehearsed and are often impromptu and not scheduled. The videos can be found here.

Below (on the left) is our most recent episode!