Inkjet on Bottles; Glass & Plastic

Inkjet printing on glass and plastic bottles - PRINTERVENTION Episode 2


Marc: Welcome to the new episode of Printervention.

This is a video series that we are doing at InkJet, Inc. that is really about helping the packaging industry. And making sure their marking and coding needs are met. And being of service to them, which we find as a gap sometimes in the industry.

So, this is Jim! Jim is a south Texas and southern U.S. representative. We are going to talk about a recent install and sale with one of our technologies. Jim, recently you were able to help a customer out locally.

Jim: Yes, sir. We installed four DuraCode (continuous inkjet) machines at a place here in South Central Texas. They manufacture spices, specifically in bottle applications. They are putting the spices in plastic bottles and glass bottles and selling it through retail establishments.

Two of the machines are running yellow ink on amber bottles. And two of them, black ink on clear bottles, using our polycoated black ink so adhesion is phenomenal, print quality is phenomenal. The machines are doing really good.

Marc: That’s awesome! Did we do any testing for them ahead of time?

Jim: Yes.

Marc: Was it a situation where we brought the samples in-house?

Jim: So, they had some aging competitor’s machines (printers).

Marc: Okay…not an uncommon story.

Jim: …Needed to replace them. They were already buying their ink and make-up from us. We had a relationship with the customer already, and had already been providing quality service for a long, long time.

Marc: Very nice! Excellent! Good job!

Jim: Thank you!