Case Printing in Cold Environments

Case Printing Solution in Cold Environment | PRINTERVENTION Episode 6

Welcome to another edition of Printervention. Today I am here with Chris. And we are looking at our Precision Series Case Coder with a Piezo printhead.

We have a pretty special application we want to talk about. Chris we have the 72MM head (available in 18mm as well), Precision Series, what is your customer using this printer for?

This is a pretty unique application. The customer is actually in the dairy industry and they package dairy products like yogurt and so forth in a cold room. The temperature in the cold room is between 34 to 38 degrees (Fahrenheit).

So, the problem they were having with other printers and inks was that the ink was gelling up whenever it would go to print the code on the cases in that environment. So we came up with this unique solution to this application with our Precision Series printer and what we did was have these custom heat blankets (wraps) made to go around the ink reservoir and the printhead to keep the ink at a consistent temperature and to keep it from gelling.

Okay, so this is the reservoir, and this is the printhead and we have been working on this a little while right?

Yes, we’ve been working on this application for about 6-8 weeks.

Okay, and we are in the process of testing, right? To make sure everything works. Correct.

What is their volume like? Do you have an idea of how much they are printing daily, weekly or monthly? Is it high volume?

Yes, I believe it is between 600 and 800 cases per day.

So, it’s coming into the environment and we are printing IN that wet, cold environment?

The actual box that we are printing on, because it is colder, has a thin layer of condensation, so the ink needs to penetrate through that. And that was the problem they were having, was that it would run for a little bit, but then it would start to gel.

Just want to point out, for people that are not as familiar with this equipment, this is our controller, and as I mentioned, this is the reservoir and this is the printehead. And this is coming with the alert light, right? Correct. And then the power that is going to be used for the sleeves as well? Correct.

So, neat application and an example of us going beyond to test and make sure the customer gets what they need.

Thank you.

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