Case Coding Case Study TIJ vs Piezo

Printervention Episode 2



Are you using an older multi-head print technology to achieve a two to three inch print height? If that’s the case stay tuned for this episode of Printervention.

A long time InkJet Inc customer who was accustomed to the Anser TM1000 TIJ printer was looking for an upgraded solution that had the same durability in being able to handle dusty dirty, warm environments. The TM1000 systems having been in use for over 10 years set a precident for what quality looked like in terms of printer life. The food service packaging manufacturer wanted a system that would have the life of the TIJ units. A second criteria in looking for a new system was lowering the annual ink consumption of their printers which ran 24/5. While many manufacturers enjoy the benefits of TIJ cartridges being single use, and zero thought about cleaning the print head, it is quite common to see facilities switch to a pour ink system with a reservoir to cut down on their budget. As TIJ cartridges for Thermal Inkjet Printers can become costly. Besides not breaking their budget on ink consumables the other main feature the manufacturer of food service packaging wanted was endless possibilities of being able to connect the printer with their other operating systems. The InkJet Inc technical team recommended the switch to a piezo high resolution case coding solution.  This recommendation was based on the requirements of long life, up to date communication protocols, and a more compact set up while takes less space on the manufacturing floor.