Auto Manufacturer Finds Coding Replacement

Auto Manufacturer Finds Marking and Coding Replacement

A manufacturer of ball, needle and roller bearings for the auto industry had challenges with old Videojet® printers and the special blue ink which was not adhering well to the substrates and providing overall bad print quality. The plant manager’s quote was, “Those coders are having a lot of issues, specifically poor print quality and the code is rubbing off resulting in customer complaints and returns. Fixing this is a priority.” Also, downstream of those coders, production rates were being negatively impacted significantly.

The first step for InkJet, Inc. was having its chemists confirm that they could develop an identical ink chemically to run in our continuous inkjet (CIJ) printers that would not require re-validation. This process was a success and from there, InkJet, Inc. obtained initial samples for testing and also conducted a site survey. Once testing was successfully completed, the samples were delivered to the customer so they could do their own testing. Everything passed their own testing.

For InkJet, Inc., this type of project is a typical example of various people working in concert to solve a customer’s problem and provide efficient and effective coding. A total of 15 CIJ printers were installed over a period of six months and are working 100% better than their previous solution. With the printers and the fluids being provided by InkJet, Inc. and the ability to provide a level of service that keeps their production line running, this customer can rest easy knowing that this one part of their supply chain is working well.

InkJet, Inc.’s DuraCode Continuous Inkjet printer is designed to deliver the best quality code, day in and day out, continuously. Our feature-packed CIJ printer, offered in a keyboard and touch screen model, offers cost saving with a single part service and solvent consumption saving system. Add in InkJet, Inc.’s fluids, parts & service and downtime will be the least of your worries.

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