4 Indicators When It Is Time to Automate Your Manufacturing Process

Printervention Episode 3


Are you irritated by the lack of response time from your current service provided and have print quality issues? In this episode of Printervention, we talk about a food producer that had multiple issues with their CIJ printers and how this can be resolved working with InkJet.

Not able to Keep Up with The Workload

As your company grows it is important to scale processes, and utilize equipment to continue to improve efficiencies within the business to turn a profit. A start up will have the time to hand stamp each product, count each product within the run, and manually track inventory. Inkjet coding equipment allows for automation of many functions including batch count, barcode generation for inventory tracking, and other messaging that may be required by a big box retailer.

Slowed Production Throughput

Time is money, slow production throughput increases customer lead times, and creates numerous frustrations to customers. Inkjet coding equipment allows businesses to automate processes that could be causing a bottle neck in your operation.

Change of Processes

Other departments such as QC or engineering want to make an improvement to the manufacturing process and want to add a new piece of equipment. This requires the Inkjet coding equipment to either move up stream or down stream on the production line. This movement can change the type of printing technology that you are able to use and the print speed required to print the product message.

Distribution Partner or Customer Asks for Barcode Tracking

Getting your products in a big box retailer, or set up through established distribution chains can be a big win for your business. In working with these partner’s there are many requirements already in place that must be followed to officially get your product on the shelves. Many times this includes very specific Inkjet coding equipment for cases and cardboard cartons requiring barcodes.