Videojet Core Replacement

Videojet Core and Preventative Maintenance (PM) compared to the DuraCode CIJ Printer

If you have a Videojet, it almost looks like the same core as the DuraCode, except when it is time for preventative maintenance, you have to buy and change-out the whole core from Videojet.

With InkJet, Inc.’s DuraCode CIJ printer, when you have a preventative maintenance, the filter is on the outside of the core and can be replaced by itself. All of the valves are right under the top cover of the core and can be replaced separately. The main ink pump is also in the back and can be worked on or replaced by itself.

Another thing that is unique about the DuraCode printer is that we have something called a gutter pump. Machines from other companies that need to pull vacuum from the gutter use what is called a Venturi. This Venturi looks like a cross shape, if you were to look inside, there are two holes on the sides and holes on top and bottom. What will happen is that as the ink goes through, it creates a vacuum on the outside with the two holes and that is what allows the ink to return from the gutter.

The problem with that is that these Venturi can be prone to clogging. Then what happens is that you will start to lose gutter suction. Then, that causes you to take it apart, pull the Venturi out and clean it and get it completely clean (if you can). Some companies don’t use a stainless-steel Venturi, so after some time, the material breaks down and it has to be replaced.

DuraCode does have a Venturi, but it has nothing to do with the gutter suction. DuraCode has a gutter pump, so you rarely ever run into vacuum problems compared to printers using a Venturi to create the vacuum.

One more piece is the wash pump. DuraCode has its own pump for washing the printhead. It is a diaphragm pump and its only purpose is for when you turn off the printer and it cleans the printhead. It too can be replaced without having to replace the whole core.