Videojet 16-8200 Replacement Ink

Direct Replacement Ink for Videojet® 16-8200

InkJet, Inc.’s 82 ink is a black ketone-based general purpose ink. The 82 ink is well suited for coding applications that require a fast dry, black ink that is easily removable on returnable glass bottles. In addition to glass substrates, the 82 ink performs well on a wide variety of non-porous substrates including plastic, metal and coated paper stock. 82 ink is a direct replacement for the Videojet® 16-8200 ink and can be piggybacked directly into the printer without any special flushing procedure. Typical dry time in 1-2 seconds, depending upon the substrate and environmental conditions. On most substrates, the 82 ink will exhibit a slightly faster dry time and darker print vs. the 16-8200.

Ink specifications

Ink number




Ink type

Ketone based



Additional Performance Data
The 82 ink will perform as good as or better than the 16-8200. The 82 ink will exhibit slightly faster dry times and darker print on most substrates vs. the 16-8200 ink.

Printer compatibility
The ink has been developed to operate in the following Videojet printer models: VJII, VJIII, 120L, EXCEL 100, 170i, 178i, and 37 series. Please contact IJI for the latest printer compatibility information.

Changeover procedure
82 ink is a direct replacement for the Videojet 16-8200 and does not require any special changeover procedure. The 82 ink can be piggybacked directly into the Videojet printer.

Key Industries
Brewery, winery, distilled spirits, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, canning, printing and automotive industries.

Shelf-life & Ink storage
Shelf life is 18 months from date of manufacture when stored at a temperature range of +35oF to +95oF (+2oC to +35oC). Prolonged exposures to temperatures outside these limits will shorten the ink shelf life. If there is a possibility that the ink has been frozen during shipping, bring to room temperature (+70oF to +75oF or 21oC to +24oC) and shake well before using.