FDA Approved Food Grade Ink Replacement

INK OF THE MONTH: FDA Approved Food Grade Ink Replacement for Videojet's® 16-9000 Ink

InkJet, Inc.'s FG90 ink is a food grade ink that is used to create images on foods that are specified by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) such as cakes, cones, soft candies, white and brown eggshell and vegetables. This ink can be used on packaging that may come in contact food. The FG90 ink is manufactured in accordance with the US FDA Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). This ink can be used in applications where Videojet's ink 16-9000 is being used. This ink is compatible with 16-9000 ink hence no flush is required.


FG90 has been developed to operate in Videojet®  printers including; 100, 170i, 178i, XL2000, UHS, IPRO, Triumph, 270g/273se. It is

important however, that the printer being used are also certified food grade. The operating temperature for 270i and 27og/273 is limited to 55 – 110 º F (13 – 55º C) and when running in UHS printer special shut procedure should be followed. In special shut down, makeup should run through the return line and nozzle should be cleaned.


FG90 ink has a shelf life of 12 months from date of manufacture when stored at a temperature range of +35oF to +95oF (+2oC to +35oC). Prolonged exposures to temperatures outside these limits will shorten the ink shelf life. If there is a possibility that the ink has been frozen during shipping, bring to room temperature (+70oF to +75oF or 21oC to +24oC) and shake well before using.


FG90 is developed in accordance with specific US FDA regulations. It is end users responsibility to determine whether Food Grade in accordance local, regional and national regulation in specific application.