Fastest Thermochromic Ink

InkJet, Inc. Releases “HyperCook,” The Fastest Thermochromic Ink for the Retort Process on Food and Beverage Cans and Pouches

InkJet, Inc. released its new HyperCook™ ink for the retort process on canned and plastic pouch goods. This new ink is compatible with all continuous inkjet printers.

InkJet, Inc. developed this thermochromic ink after learning about a specific need of a customer, who is now using a steam retort process.  InkJet, Inc.’s HyperCook 19-minute color change capability is unique in the industry, thus making this ink the most advanced on the market for marking food cans and plastic pouches.

InkJet, Inc. is known for high quality inks and fluids because of its industry-leading enhanced filtration system and state-of-the-art onsite research and development lab in its headquarters in Willis, Texas (a suburb north of Houston).

“We are consistently developing and improving our ink formulas and processes based on our customer’s needs and industry advancements, which really has proven to be something that differentiates us from our competition.” commented Patricia Quinlan, chairwoman of InkJet, Inc. “I am proud of our talented and dedicated team. Our core business has been focused on the development of ink and fluids, and with the recent addition of our wide printer offering, we have become even closer partners with our customers.”

HyperCook Advantages

HyperCook ink is a general purpose thermochromic ink designed by InkJet, Inc., to change from green to blue during a 19-minute retort process. This new ink is ideally suited for printing on metal cans and plastic pouches before retort. It can withstand the retort process with a clear printed message and changes the ink color from green to blue. Another advantage is that HyperCook ink dries in three seconds or fewer, depending on the substrate.

“We are pleased to deliver this new release of HyperCook ink, that offers customers both longer shelf life and the ability to be salvaged if it is exposed to freezing temperatures. This product’s shelf life – which is a remarkable 12 months from date of manufacture – when properly stored at a temperature range of +35 degrees Fahrenheit to 95 degrees Fahrenheit (2 degrees Celsius to 35 degrees Celsius).  If there is a possibility that the ink has been frozen during shipping or while in storage, customers can bring the ink to room temperature, shake well and use as they normally would,” explained Mohammed Siddiqui, chief operating officer of InkJet, Inc.

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About InkJet, Inc.

 InkJet, Inc. was established in 1989 through the rebellious spirit of its founder Thomas Quinlan and what was then a radical idea: to offer world class inks at a revolutionary price while making its customers’ needs the highest priority. Manufacturers now have an option for their consumables other than those produced by the OEM.

InkJet, Inc. is the largest non-OEM supplier of industrial fluids and printers in the world. The company supports the food and beverage, automotive, pharmaceutical, and graphics packaging industries in more than 55 countries.

The InkJet, Inc., manufacturing facility is located on a 34-acre site in Willis, Texas, north of Houston. Last year, InkJet, Inc. supplied over 200,000 gallons of fluid to more 5,000 customers and produced more than 600 products for most major brands of non-impact printers. InkJet, Inc. is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.