Benford Brewing Chooses Thermal Inkjet over Continuous Inkjet for Date Codes on Labels

Benford Brewing Chooses Thermal Inkjet over Continuous Inkjet for Date Codes on Labels

Benford Brewing, a South Carolina based company, has recently become a customer of InkJet, Inc. through its recent purchase of the Anser U2 Pro-S thermal inkjet printer.

Benford Brewing, after completing a major expansion to its facility, needed a date code on its cans as well as adopting a faster, more efficient way to code.  The brewery currently only needs to code one or two days a week. A competitor to InkJet, Inc. was offering the brewery its Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) printer; however, CIJ machines tend to struggle when there is significant downtime.

InkJet, Inc.’s Marking & Coding Specialist, recommended that Benford Brewing consider an Anser U2 Pro-S, which is a Thermal Inkjet printer (TIJ) that provides significant cost savings, a smaller footprint and more reliability as compared with CIJ printers.  Another challenge was determining exactly where to print the code. After testing, InkJet, Inc. concluded that printing on the label before it was applied proved to be the ideal solution.

“I appreciated the time Laura took with us to develop a solution that was well-suited for what we truly need. We take great pride in the quality of our product. Showing clear coding on our beer labels demonstrates our commitment to consumers in providing a fresh tasting product,” said Bryan O’Neal, Benford Brewing owner.

About Benford Brewing

Benford Brewing is a locally owned and operated craft beer producer located in Lancaster, South Carolina. Their beers are brewed in 30-barrel batches on a small farm where the land has pure well water tapped into the water table of three known springs located on premises. This natural gift provides great tasting, pure, healthy drinking water and is the key to brewing great beer. Benford Brewing’s beers are brewed with only natural based ingredients, staying true to brewing traditions.