Growing International Demand

InkJet, Inc.'s International Team Meets Growing Demand for Alternative OEM Industrial Inks, Fluids, Printers and Coders around the World

InkJet, Inc. has been steadily expanding its international capabilities in recent years to address the growing demand for effective alternatives to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) industrial inks, fluids, printers, and coders in key regions of the world. InkJet, Inc. is seeing increased demand from distributors and end users in South America, the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia.

Having more than 35 years of combined printing, marking and coding experience, InkJet, Inc.’s international leadership team is comprised of Chris Coyne, Director of Strategic Accounts, Ivonne Schneider, International Project Manager and Bernardo Vazquez. In addition to these full-time international team leaders who work across many time zones in numerous countries, InkJet, Inc. also has an Asia Pacific Sales Manager. Inkjet Inc has developed an expansive network of more than 100 distributors and resellers – 70 of which are based outside of the United States.

These distributors and resellers have direct access by phone, text, email, web meetings, and personal “face-to-face” meetings to InkJet, Inc.’s international experts who speak 12 languages and who understand the nuances of navigating complex, multi-cultural business transactions.

“We pride ourselves in building relationships with distributors all over the world. These partnerships are critical to the success of our business. We genuinely care about them. Our team is always willing to meet with them face-to-face, regardless of how far we must travel to see them,” commented Chris Coyne, Director of Strategic Accounts for InkJet, Inc.  “Our near-term and long-term mission is to position InkJet, Inc. as the best OEM alternative supplier of quality inks, fluids, printers and coders and to be known for delivering fast and flexible service. We ensure that these distributors have all the backing that one would expect of a supplier of choice – a full range of products and solutions, compliance to international standards, marketing support, and shipping their orders in a safe and timely manner.”

InkJet, Inc. distributors and end users also report that they are especially pleased with the company’s ISO 9001-certified manufacturing processes, its clean and cost-effective line of inks and fluids, its extensive portfolio of OEM and InkJet, Inc.-branded printers and coders, and industry-leading quality control processes.

Success Story: Ink Distributor in Pakistan Triples Revenue

Coyne related an example of a new distributor in Pakistan who has been able to triple its business and displace its major competitor due to InkJet, Inc.’s extensive portfolio of reliable products and commitment to customer service.  This distributor had a positive experience with sampling InkJet, Inc. inks and fluids for printing on soda bottles. Samples they did proved to be especially suitable for the intended application and led this distributor to place high-volume orders for inks and fluids from InkJet, Inc. that resulted in the ability of this distributor to support new end users not only in Pakistan, but also multiple Gulf State countries.

To learn more about this new, mutually beneficial relationship, access the case study.

More Distributors Always Welcome

InkJet, Inc. works with over 100 distributors globally and always welcomes new, qualified distributors based on their reputation, experience, product and service offering, and ability to support a territory or region.

For more information about the distributor program, please contact Ivonne Schneider at