Bulk Gel and Liquid Hand Sanitizer

InkJet, Inc. Makes Hand Sanitizer During Pandemic

InkJet Inc. is a manufacturer of industrial inks, using the same chemicals that are used to make hand sanitizer. The company’s laboratory started producing hand sanitizer, per the FDA guidelines, at the end of March, 2020 to help industrial supply companies, hospitals and healthcare facilities as well as police, firefighters and all first responders.

Chairwoman, Patricia Quinlan commented, “Our facility has the capacity to produce large quantities of hand sanitizer and we are eager to help during these challenging times.” Quinlan continued, “We, as a company, have a core value that says, “Build the Tribe”, which means that we must support and help one another, and this is a time to extend that out to the community.”

The hand sanitizer manufactured by InkJet, Inc. is a clear liquid and is made to go in spray bottles. It does not leave hands sticky or dry. The company is selling the liquid sanitizer in multiple configurations: 8-ounce spray bottles as a case of 6 (limit two), 32-ounce bottles as a case of 9, One-gallon jugs as a case of 4, and 5-gallon pails.

InkJet, Inc. is located in Willis, TX and in addition to shipping the product, there is an option to pick it up from their factory.