Remove the Seal Before Installing the Cartridge into a Videojet 1000 Series Printer

Hi Friends! InkJet offers fluids for the Videojet 1000 series. So, I wanted to make a quick video showing the procedure you purchase a box of these fluids. In my hands is a box of OS 705, which of course replaces the V-705. If you notice, our configuration is 5 cartridges to a box. Here you can see that our version is 950ml as opposed to (Videojet) 750ml. And a really important point to notice is that our bottle has a valve and this seal must be removed. There’s the valve. Again, this seal must be removed so this can breathe. Then you insert the cartridge into the printer. Here you can see (on the screen) that the printer recognized the cartridge or the chip and you can see it reads V 705, serial number, batch code and expiration date of the chip. And that’s it my friends.