Message Creation with Precision Series

How to Create a New Label/Message using the Controller on the Precision Series High Resolution Piezo Case Coder

I am going to create a brand new “label” from scratch
[Tap on “Create Label”]

First thing I am going to do is zoom out to see the entire work area
[Tap the minus magnifying glass]

Add a text field.
[Tap on the “ABC” button in the upper left]

[Tap on the blue box next to the word “Text” to edit/add text” and type your text using the touch screen keyboard – then tap the “OK” button and then the “OK” button again on the next screen]

Move it around and make it larger or you can make it smaller
[tap on your text and drag it to where you want – increase or decrease the size by tapping on the large “A” or small “a” buttons.]

If I want to fine tune my position, I can use my arrow keys down here.

To add a barcode beneath that
[tap on the barcode button at the top of the screen]. First thing I want to do is change my barcode type. We have about 14 standard barcodes here [you can scroll by tapping and dragging your finger on the screen or using the arrow buttons to the right]

[Tap on the barcode type of choice]

[Tap on the “Value” button and type in the necessary text and/or numbers]

I’m going to enable as “Human Readable”
[Tap on the ‘enabled’ button]

Change my barcode width
[Tap on the number and change it to the desired width and tap ok]

Barcode height
[tap on the number and change it to the desired height and tap ok]

[tap ok and you will see your barcode in your working space along with your text you entered]

[tap and drag your barcode to your desired location]

Now I want my human reader to be a little bit larger so I am going to use my “a’s” up here
[Tap on the larger “a” button to increase font size of the numbers/text value you typed in with your barcode]

If I’m not happy with that width, I can click [tap] on my object [barcode] and hit edit
[tap the button with the pencil and dots]

Change barcode width to 6
[then tap ok]

You can see now it’s wider.

Add a graphic
[Tap the graphic button, a landscape/picture icon]

– give it a second to load. There’s our graphic.
[Tap on the graphic you want to use then tap OK]

Now I am going to make it smaller. Same thing that we did with the text
[Tap on the graphic so it is selected and use the small “a” button to decrease the size of the graphic. Tap and drag it for placement]

And if I want to fine tune it, I can over here
[Tap on the arrow keys to fine tune placement]

Okay, now we’re going to save it. We’re going to give it a name.
[Tap on the save/disk button and type in a file name and tap ok]

Exit out
[tap on the “X” button]

Now we’re going to select label
[tap on the Select Label button]

Look for the label that we just created (using the file name you just save it as)
[tap on that file name and tap the green “Select” button]

There it is.
[tap Preview to see the actual size]