How to Refill Ink in Precision Series





Today we are going to be working with our hi-res case coder (72mm head being used). I'm looking at my beacon and it's telling me I have a warning (showing yellow light lit up) and if I look at my controller, I can see my "head B" is giving me an "ink low" indicator (with a yellow circle).

This is our our ink bottle. Today, we are going to be using an oil based ink. And I am going to cut just about the notch. 

Now, we are ready to pour in our fluids, so I am going to unscrew the cap on the ink reservoir and carefully pour in, squeezing the bottle gently.

Now, if I look at my controller, my level and beacon have no indicated that my "ink low" has gone away.

When completed, re-install cap and we're done.