Enhancing Print Quality with Precision Series Case Coder




If you are experiencing poor print quality from our hi-res case coder, the first thing you want to do is verify the distance between your case and printhead. You want to be as close as possible. I recommend anywhere from 2 to 3 millimeters, 4 millimeters maximum. You want to verify that you are as close as possible.

Once you have verified that you are as close as possible and distance is not the problem, you can then use a lint-free wipe to wipe the nozzle plate. Always wipe up or down and never use the same piece of wipe (or part of the same wipe).

The next thing you can do to recover print quality is to purge the head using our priming tool. We are going to insert the priming tool into the cap by flipping back the rubber stop and inserting. At the same time, you want to grab some rags and place it in front of the printhead and begin priming. It’s one (pump), two (pumps) and pull (out the priming tool). Then you are going to wipe the head down. [replace the rubber stop] At this point, you are good to go.