DuraCode Pump Replacement

15 Easy Steps to Replacing the Pump on a DuraCode Continuous Inkjet Printer

Replacing the pump from the mixer (aka core) is simple in InkJet, Inc.'s DuraCode CIJ (continuous inkjet) printer. The most time consuming part is removing the bolts with Allen wrenches and re-securing them.

Below are step-by-step instructions on how to replace the pump in a DuraCode CIJ printer.

  1. Remove the cover of the mixer (aka core)

  2. Carefully cut any zip ties around wires

  3. Remove the board by unbolting it

  4. Unplug the pump wire

  5. Move the filter - put paper towel behind/under filter for excess ink

  6. Pass the pump wire down through behind the filter

  7. Remove the pump bracket

  8. Remove the pump and clean up any excess ink

  9. Run the pump wire back up behind the filter

  10. Replace the pump by lining up the pins to the ports and pushing it in. You will hear and feel it click into place.

  11. Put the pump bracket back on - make sure it's secure

  12. Snake the pump filter back up through the housing

  13. Re-assemble the filter

  14. Plug in the pump wire into the board and make sure there are no other loose connections

  15. Re-secure the board by bolting it back down and replace the cover, the secure.