DuraCode Ink Install

How to install ink and make-up cartridges in the DuraCode CIJ printer


Going to insert my make-up (cartridge) [insert cartridge into the right slot, which is also labeled with a blue sticker] and my screen is already updated. [Insert ink cartridge in the left slot, labeled with a red sticker].

You can see our warnings went away (on the screen) [icons on screen show 100% for the cartridges].

Now very, very important, after you install your inks, you are going to open up the air valve and remove the plunger. [use a flat head screw driver to turn the screw from the off to on position]. You’re going to turn the screw from off to on position. So, I am in the on position now.

Now I will remove the air plunger [from the bottom left of the cube]. Very important steps.