Create Date Field on DuraCode

How to Create a Date Field (User Field) on the DuraCode CIJ keyboard printer


I am going to create a brand new user field. By user field, I mean date field, time field, barcode. In this case I am going to create a date field.

First thing, User Field [press the User Field button], First option, Edit/Create User Field, Enter [select that option by pressing the Enter button], I am going to create a brand new user field. If I wanted to use an existing user field, I would just scroll down (using the arrow key) and hit enter.

In this case, I am going to create a new user field. If it’s going to be a date field/time field, I am going to set the attribute to “time”, enter a name. In this case I am just going to enter “IJI”…whatever makes sense for your application [press the enter button].

First field is the Text field. Here, we are going to use our codes. The codes can be found in the manual. For example, I am going to enter “DE” for the month, slash, FG for the day, slash, 20 and BC [press enter button].

Now, we have created the user field. I still haven’t added it to my message. If I want to add it to my existing message, I will open it up with F3, scroll over and add it wherever I need it to work. F2 – open up my user fields, and I am going to scroll through [using the arrow keys] until I see the one I need. In this case, “IJI” [press enter]. And there it is

To exit, I am going to use Tab to scroll through my editor. Save and Exit [press enter] and now my current message has been updated with the user field.