Changing EvoLabel Printhead and Roller

How to Change the Printhead and Print Roller on an Evolabel Printer

Parts Subject to wear and tear:

Changing the Printhead

  1. Remove the cover

  2. Disconnect the cables

  3. Open the printhead using the handle and remove the printhead

  4. Insert a new printhead

  5. Connect the cables

  6. Put the cover back on

  7. Close the printhead

Changing the Print Roller

  1. Turn the printer off

  2. Remove the right cover

  3. Open the printhead

  4. Press the service release button and keep turning the handle

  5. Remove the belt

  6. Change the print roller

  7. Put on a new belt

  8. Close the printhead

  9. Put the cover back on

  10. Turn the printer back on

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