ANSER Print Quality

TECHTIP: My ANSER Printer is Printing but the Quality is not Great

We want to ensure that you are getting the most value from your printer. Below are some possible causes and solutions that you can do if your printer is printing but you are not satisfied with the print quality.



Ink dried on surface of cartridge Clear the cartridge with the appropriate wipe. For a NP3, NP4 and S2 use the dry wipe. For the SP4 or any ink name that starts with SP, P, use the P/SP wet wipe.
Ink dried on nozzle of cartridge Purge the cartridge; ESC > System Settings > Print Head  > Clean PH (max 3 times).
Air pocket within cartridge Remove air pocket (bubble) by using the syringe (part number:  600-099-0058) to remove the air pocket. Contact us to verify you have the right syringe.
Printer is too far away from product Adjust the position of the printer so it is closer to the product. The maximum distance is a quarter of an inch.