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Labels are a ubiquitous part of modern commerce. As packages move throughout the supply chain, labels facilitate tracking, inform workers of a shipment’s contents, and show carriers where the container came from and where it’s going next. On product packaging, labels inform consumers about who created the product, what the exact contents are, and when it expires, while the attached barcode enables a final purchase. Given the crucial role of labels, manufacturers are compelled to follow labeling guidelines from both their distribution partners as well as the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) or in the case of pharmaceuticals, the FDA. 

Therefore, larger industrial operations must apply thousands of labels every day onto their products, individual shipping cartons, and pallets. Fortunately, modern print and apply systems like the EvoLabel print and apply labeler from InkJet, Inc. help companies accomplish this in a timely, quality-controlled manner. Let’s discuss all of the benefits that a system like this can add to your business. 

Make Your Production Line More Efficient

Print and apply systems streamline the labeling process by combining printers and applicators into one machine. The printer and applicator work in tandem to print a label and then automatically apply the label neatly to the intended surface. Print and apply systems are situated on assembly lines where they place labels in a fast, reliable, and uniform manner.

Companies can make the most of their print and apply system by integrating it into their larger IT structure. Through integration, users can control the system through external software programs, eliminating the need to physically stand by the machine to operate it. Integration also allows for intercommunication between the enterprise’s database, the label-making software, and the print and apply system. Users can leverage this connectivity to easily populate their label templates with saved information

Simplify Primary Package Labeling

Across the majority of industries, companies need to label their products per distributor requirements and, in many cases, FTC/FDA regulations. It’s common for distributors to require that products be marked with lot codes, expiration dates, and barcodes to enable traceability and purchase by consumers. When it comes to government regulations, the FTC requires that all consumer commodities be marked with:

  • The name of the product

  • The title and location of the manufacturer

  • The product’s net quantity 

The FDA also mandates that all pharmaceuticals carry additional information, regardless of whether they’re available over-the-counter or only by prescription. This required information includes:

  • Expiration date

  • Directions for use

  • Control numbers

Print and apply label systems allow companies to place all of this information into an easily applied and read label. The automated application ensures that the label is placed in the appropriate spot and is legible. This use is particularly advantageous to companies that work in:

Prevent Lost Packages

Shipments can only arrive at the right destination if they are marked with the correct information. This essential information includes:

  • A barcode that is scanned when a package is received, placed in storage, and/or shipped to the next location.

  • A content description that tells workers in the warehouse, distribution center, or store what is in the package.

  • Addresses that show where the package came from and where it is going.

Failure to legibly display these elements on a shipping carton can cause confusion, package returns, or lost inventory. Print and apply systems eliminate this risk by applying clear, high-contrast labels with all of the appropriate information directly on the package.

Make Pallet Labeling Easy

Pallets are one of the most effective and commonly used methods for transporting bulk products. To ensure that pallets safely travel from Point A to Point B, companies follow the pallet labeling standards established by the international business organization Global Standard One (GS1). The GS1 Logistic Label Guideline details the label requirements that companies should follow, while print and apply systems enable companies to successfully design and place these labels.

The Evolabel system is particularly well suited for pallet-labeling, as it is capable of:

  • Printing in both portrait and landscape mode.

  • Avoiding injuries by detecting human presence.

  • Detecting incomplete pallets.

  • Scanning and validating barcodes.

  • Labeling cold and/or rough surfaces.

Improve the Organization and Efficiency of Your Operation with a Print and Apply System

A print and apply system can help streamline your operation with higher efficiency and reduced error. By automating label application, you can free up team members for other more important tasks, ensure that your products are compliant with distributor/government regulations, and reliably mark your shipments for delivery. 

For more information on print and apply systems, or for any other questions related to printers and ink, contact InkJet, Inc. online or by phone at 1 (800) 280-3245.


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