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Proper labeling is a necessity in modern supply chains. Not only do labels provide workers with essential information such as shipping locations, return addresses, and content descriptions, but their barcodes also enable complete product traceability—a must when it comes to complying with government regulations, especially in the pharmaceutical, food packaging, and chemical development industries.

To perform carton labeling, many companies take a literal hands-on approach— they print out individual labels on adhesive-backed paper and then apply them to cartons by hand. While this method initially appears cost-effective due to the low upfront investment, hand-labeling can create a number of problems including:

  • High risk of human error
  • Substantial material waste
  • Efficiency and workflow limitations

Fortunately, hand-labeling isn’t the only way to outfit shipping cartons with the text, images, and barcodes necessary for successful distribution. With the help of a high-resolution case coder printer like the Precision Series 72, companies can directly mark their packages with important label information and leave hand-labeling in the past.

What Exactly Is a High-Resolution Case Coder Printer?


As mentioned above, case coding can be performed in a few different ways. Hand-labeling is one method, as is using an automated labeling machine like the EvoLabel® print-and-apply labeler. While both of these techniques entail applying adhesive-backed labels onto cartons, case coding printers differ in that they don’t use physical labels to mark substrates— they print the information directly on the carton.


To create long-lasting, reliable codes that can survive the shipping process, case coder printers like the Precision Series 72 and Precision Series 18 utilize piezoelectric printheads to propel droplets of thick ink onto carton surfaces. Piezoelectric printheads use a combination of electrical charges and vibrations to:

  1. Pressurize the ink as it’s distributed.
  2. Create individual ink droplets.
  3. Propel ink droplets onto the substrate in a precise fashion, leading to sharp, well-defined images. 

Piezoelectric technology allows case coder printers to use ink formulas that are too thick for other marking technologies, such as oil-based inks. Consequently, images made by case coders generally last longer and carry higher DPI (dots per inch) resolution as compared to those made with other printers.

The Benefits of Utilizing a High-Resolution Case Coder Printer


Case coding printers enable companies to replace hand-applied physical labels with directly printed shipping codes. This holds a host of benefits including:

  • Lower Material Costs: Adhesive-backed labels are not cheap, especially when companies need to ship dozens of boxes out per day. With direct printing, businesses can eliminate the waste involved in this process.
  • Reduce Errors: Hand-labeling leaves a lot of space for human error. There’s always a risk that workers will either apply the wrong labels to cartons or apply the label in an incorrect manner. Either one of these mistakes can cause havoc in the supply chain, leading to lost inventory, mishandled shipments, and possibly fines from supply chain partners. Using a case coder printer to apply label information directly onto cartons can eliminate these issues and ensure distribution success.
  • Increase Efficiency: Case coder printers like the Precision Series 72 are able to code substrates moving at speeds up to 60 meters per minute. When compared to the hours it takes to print out and apply adhesive labels by hand, it’s clear that case coding can help companies improve both labeling speed and accuracy. 

How InkJet, Inc.’s Line of Ink Formulas Can Improve Your Operation


Beyond distributing well-built case coding hardware, InkJet, Inc. also helps companies improve their labeling processes by offering a diverse portfolio of ink formulas. Since 1989, our ink development team has been making high-performing formulas for a wide range of applications. We have a portfolio of case coding inks for other printers including Scan True II and Scan True II Plus, Squid CoPilot printers, Marsh Unicorn, and Little David printers. In the case coding realm, we help companies by offering affordable, long-lasting inks in various colors.


With the aid of InkJet, Inc.’s hardware and ink formulas, companies can mark their shipping cartons with logos, text, and machine-readable barcodes with consistently high quality.


Looking for a High-Resolution Case Coder Printer to Fit Into Your Production Line?


Case coding hardware can improve packaging efficiency, reduce labeling mistakes, and lower annual material costs. If you’re interested in experiencing the benefits of a case coder printer for yourself, get in touch with the team at InkJet, Inc. Tell us about your needs, current line setup, and workflow, and we can figure out the best solution for your operation.

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