Revolutionary Thermochromic Ink

Developed in-house, InkJet, Inc.'s HyperCook is the most advanced ink available for marking food and beverage packaging.

What is HyperCook?

HyperCook is a general purpose, thermochromic ink used to mark metal cans and plastic pouches before retort. Its color-changing capability designed to transition from green to blue during a 19-minute retort process is unique in the industry.

Maximize Output & Efficiency

Upgrade your marking and coding system with an exceptional ink that surpasses the quality of all other inks on the market. HyperCook features a number of advantages that will help you maximize your output and efficiency:

  • Able to withstand a 19-minute retort process

  • Dries in just three seconds or less (depending on the substrate)

  • Leaves a clear printed message

  • Boasts an exceptional 12-month shelf life from the date of manufacture (when stored properly at a temperature range of +35°F – +95°F)

  • Compatible with most continuous inkjet printers

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