Videojet® Printer Troubleshooting & Ink Replacement Tips

Since the 1960s, Videojet® Technologies has been selling a variety of inkjet printers and marking solutions. Continuous inkjet (CIJ) printers, thermal inkjet (TIJ) printers, and high-resolution case coding printers make up the core of their printer offerings. And, just like any line of industrial printers, these machines can run into problems. If these issues aren’t treated promptly, they can add significant delays to your production line, which costs you money and causes you undue stress. 

To assist you in treating these problems, this article will detail helpful Videojet® printer troubleshooting tips that will empower you to get the most out of your machine and maximize uptime. For convenience, we have broken these tips into the two most common categories:

  • Printhead issues
  • Ink problems

Videojet® Printer Troubleshooting: 3 Common Printhead Issues

In this section, we will explore three issues that frequently affect inkjet printer printheads. Consequently, the problems discussed here will largely focus on CIJ and case coding printers, as TIJ models generally don’t have as many printhead problems due to their disposable cartridge printheads. However, if you are having an issue with a TIJ printer, scroll to the next section further down the page. 

Issue #1: My ink appears faint. How can I tell if there’s ink buildup in the nozzle?

Every time that you shut down or start up a Videojet® printer, the system automatically cleans the nozzle and ink return line with solvent. Although this auto-cleaning is designed to keep the printhead clean and operational, regular inspection is still necessary. If you have not inspected your printhead lately, there is a good chance that excess ink could have accumulated. 

To check this, initiate the shutdown sequence on the computer interface. Once the shutdown sequence has been completed, unplug the AC power cable. Using a screwdriver, remove the printhead cover and expose the nozzle. There, any possible buildup will be plain to see. 

If ink has built up, place a service tray under the printhead and flush away any excess ink with an appropriate cleaning solution. Allow the printhead to air dry before reattaching the cover.

Issue #2: My screen says “Printhead Heater Temperature Fault.” What do I do?

During a printhead heater temperature fault, a red light will illuminate on your keypad and the printhead will begin its four-minute shutdown sequence. This fault occurs when the printhead is measuring a temperature either below 32°F (0°C) or higher than 150°F (65.5°C) during startup. 

The table below details the possible causes for this issue, as well as their solutions:

Possible Cause:


The operating environment is either too hot or

too cold.

Apply external heating/cooling to the printhead or relocate it to a more suitable environment.

The temperature sensor has become disconnected from the circuit board.

Inspect the connections on the print

engine circuit board as well as the wiring that leads to the head-heater manifold.

The umbilical wiring is defective.

Replace the umbilical wiring.

There is a defective temperature sensor in

the printhead.

Replace the entire head heater manifold.

Issue #3: I’ve cleaned my printhead and addressed the faults, but it still won’t work correctly. What do I do?

If you’ve already cleaned your printhead and can’t see any faults, yet persistent ink output problems exist, you could be dealing with damaged equipment. Contact a professional to inspect your machine to confirm any damage. 

Videojet® does not always carry replacement parts for their printers, especially for older Excel series models. However, InkJet, Inc. carries replacement parts for Videojet® printers, including Excel CIJs. 

Videojet® Printer Troubleshooting: 2 Common Ink Problems

In this section, we will go over two of the most common ink-related problems facing Videojet® printers. The first is related to CIJ ink leaks, while the second addresses TIJ cartridges. If you are having additional problems related to ink output that aren’t addressed here, contact the experts at InkJet, Inc. for expert guidance. 

Issue #1: I suspect that my CIJ printer is experiencing an ink leak. How can I tell?

CIJ printers are complicated machines. A single printer has an ink bottle, a solvent bottle, a reservoir where the two liquids mix, a line that carries the ink/solvent mixture, and the printhead that propels the ink onto the substrate. Any point in these ink or solvent supply lines can be subject to a leak. So, how can you troubleshoot this potential problem?

For Videojet® models, a leak will generally be communicated to the user via various faults that will appear on the computer interface. These faults can be caused by several issues aside from leaks, but if one of the following faults appears on your machine, you could very well be dealing with a leak:

  • Crossflow Prime Failed (Emptying): This fault appears when there is fluid in the crossflow return line. If you know the line is fully primed, you can disregard this fault. However, if this isn’t the case, the umbilical could be leaking ink.
  • Crossflow Prime Failed (Filling): Here, the cause of the fault is either a substantial leak or partial blockage in the crossflow return line. This fault should not be ignored, as it requires that the line is cleared, patched, or replaced altogether.
  • Ink Pump Overspeed: Ink pump issues can be caused by a number of things, including a clogged ink filter, a broken ink pump, or a leaking ink return block.

If you are having any of these issues, reach out to the experts at InkJet, Inc. to get back up and running ASAP. 

Issue #2: The print quality of my TIJ has deteriorated considerably. Is it the cartridge?

More often than not, the answer is yes. Compared to their CIJ counterparts, TIJ machines are simpler, which often affords zero-maintenance operation. But, if your TIJ model is delivering lackluster results, remove the ink cartridge and inspect it for any possible leaks, contact film oxidation, or other mechanical damage. Replace the cartridge if any of these issues are present, which will often solve the problem immediately. 

Another possible cause of deteriorating print quality is a soiled nozzle plate on the cartridge. To clean this part, dampen a lint-free cotton wool cloth with deionized or distilled water. Use this cloth on the plate to remove any foreign particles. Allow the cartridge to air dry before reinserting it.

If these problems persist, then it is highly recommended to replace the print cartridge altogether. 

Do You Need New Parts or Ink for Your Videojet® Machine?

Like any other piece of hardware, Videojet® printers are not invincible, perpetually operating machines. Their parts eventually break and their ink supplies need to be replaced. While Videojet® has stopped supporting some of their popular older printers, InkJet, Inc. has created high-quality replacement parts to cover those machines. 

Our shop is full of replacement parts for Videojet® machines, even the ones that have since been discontinued for support by Videojet®. They’ll try to sell you a whole new printer, but we will happily repair what you already own. 

Additionally, we offer ink, makeup, and cleaner for the 1000 series CIJ line at a lower price point than Videojet® can match. Plus, our cartridges are 200 mL larger than OEM and our superior filtration creates a better, more reliable overall print. When you choose InkJet, Inc., you choose higher quality, lower cost, more uptime, and guaranteed compatibility.

For more Videojet® printer troubleshooting & ink replacement tips, or for any other questions related to printers or ink, contact the experts at InkJet, Inc. online or by phone at (800) 280-3245.