Understanding NiceLabel Compatible Printers

If you’ve spent time in the business world, you’ve likely had to hear about the importance of “integration” and “streamlining” more times than you can count. After all, full system integration and efficient operating procedures are essential to business success. 

Whether your company specializes in beverage bottling, pharmaceutical development, or the packaging of personal care products, profitability relies on the ability to meet production quotas regularly. To do so, companies need to ensure that their processes are both well-established and reliable with all production lines, systems, and workers operating in harmony. 

Since 1993, NiceLabel has helped companies of all industries achieve this goal by offering label management systems and label design software. NiceLabel’s programs are used across the globe to boost packaging efficiency. Designed to streamline the label creation process, NiceLabel connects previously disparate systems into a single data network and provides users with intuitive label design tools. 

Despite its name recognition, many people new to NiceLabel’s programs still have some questions about the company’s products:

  • Why do I need NiceLabel software?
  • What kind of printers can use NiceLabel software?
  • Are there NiceLabel compatible printers with software already installed?

Why Choose NiceLabel Software With a Compatible Printer? 

Machine-traceable codes and labels have been a staple of commerce since the barcode first became popular in the 1970s. Today, both linear barcodes and 2D data matrices are found throughout countless industries where they are used to track product shipments, facilitate the retail process, and provide access to important product information. Given the importance of product traceability in today’s marketplace, companies often need to follow industry-specific marking guidelines that determine basic labeling requirements. 

These guidelines and standards often determine:

  • Which code format must be used
  • Where the code should be applied on the product/shipping carton
  • What information must be included on the code/label
  • What design parameters must be followed

If these guidelines are not followed correctly, it can cause a number of issues, including:

  • Misdirected deliveries
  • Inventory miscounts
  • Product recalls
  • Fines

NiceLabel prevents these problems by providing users with the ability to auto-populate label templates with enterprise data and information. Thanks to streamlined label design and data system integration, NiceLabel ensures that all product codes and shipping labels are:

  • Filled with correct information
  • Designed using the correct label template
  • Created with the highest speed possible 

Of course, to obtain these benefits, one does need to use NiceLabel alongside a NiceLabel compatible printer.

What Kind of Printer Do I Need for the NiceLabel Software and Are There Some Pre-Installed? 

There are a number of coding technologies on the market today that are compatible with NiceLabel’s various programs. For example, InkJet, Inc.’s own Precision Series 72mm high-resolution case coder is fully compatible with NiceLabel software. In fact, many of our clients use that exact hardware/software combination to complete their shipping carton labeling needs. Additionally, our Evolabel® print-and-apply labeling machine offers NiceLabel compatibility to streamline the secondary and tertiary labeling processes.

However, no marking technology on the market currently comes with NiceLabel software pre-installed. Why? Simply put, there’s no need for it. 

NiceLabel software is PC-driven, not printer-driven. In other words, NiceLabel software is used on a PC to format codes, retrieve data, and finalize label designs. Once the label design is finalized, NiceLabel is used to tell their printer to apply the design onto a substrate. 

Consequently, don’t worry about finding a printer with NiceLabel pre-installed. Instead, find a NiceLabel compatible printer that is perfect for your specific marking needs. 

Searching for New Coding and Marking Technology? InkJet, Inc. Is Here To Help

NiceLabel software allows users to simplify the label creation process through the help of enterprise-wide system integration and template tools. At InkJet, Inc. we help companies make the most of NiceLabel by offering a number of coding technologies that are fully compatible with the software. 

Whether you’re looking for a high-speed continuous inkjet printer, a high-resolution case coder, or a compact thermal inkjet printer, we have a NiceLabel compatible model that’s right for you. Contact us today to learn more. 

To inquire about our selection of NiceLabel compatible printers, contact us online today or call 1(800) 280-3245