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Applying proper labeling to pallets is a vital part of logistics processes. Missing essential information, or not applying them to the right sides of the pallet can result in lost inventory, shipping delays, or incorrect shipments.

Manually applying labels can increase the risk of these externalities, as human error can lead to labels that are applied in a manner that leaves them susceptible to falling off the packaging, crooked application, or incomplete labels. It also takes a lot of time, and in most industrial applications, pallet labeling automation is an eventuality that is better tackled sooner rather than later.

PALM Machines

Print-and-apply label machines (PALMs) are incredibly powerful printing systems, and larger models designed specifically for pallet labeling are the perfect fit for warehouses that deal with high volumes of pallets each day.

Evolabel PALM systems can print and apply labels to up to 5 pallets per minute with the help of their FlexWipe pallet applicator, applying labels to two sides to maximize readability regardless of which side the pallet is lifted from when stored. They are electric-driven intuitive and versatile PALM systems that work perfectly for pallet labeling applications.

Coding Technology

Operating Method

System Options

Maximum Resolution and Print Height

Maximum Marking Speed

Cost Factors

Print-and-Apply Label Machine

Auto-prints and applies labels to passing materials


300 DPI (height varies by printer model)

60 m/min

High unit cost, moderate consumable cost

By switching to a PALM system like the Evolabel, warehouses can vastly increase their labeling speed and ensure consistent application devoid of human error. While errors can still happen with PALM systems, they are easily corrected, and once they are set up properly, they will apply labels reliably as configured.

Leverage Pallet Labeling Automation with Inkjet, Inc.

While switching to automated pallet labeling makes operations more efficient and consistent, set-up can be a hurdle. By working with a trusted vendor like Inkjet, Inc. that focuses on client advocacy, accessible service, and installation assistance, warehouses can ensure that they get up and running as quickly and painlessly as possible.

If you want to leverage pallet labeling automation in your warehouse, contact InkJet, Inc. today to get started. 

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