How to Use Nicelabel With Industrial Printers

It’s no secret that well-made labels and traceable markings are essential to a properly functioning supply chain. 

In the aerospace/aviation industry, traceable codes are key to ensuring that components are made from the right materials and are able to operate as intended. For producers of OTC drugs and pharmaceuticals, specific product label elements and traceable codes are required by federal law to keep consumers safe and healthy. Similarly, in the food and beverage fields, traceability is crucial to quality assurance and enables companies to perform product recalls when necessary. 

Regardless of whether a company is a global enterprise or a local outfit, if a distribution network is involved, traceability becomes necessary. Of course, the larger an organization is, the more labels there are to design and apply. Over time, growing label quantities can increase cycle time and thus drain operational efficiency. 

Fortunately, today’s labeling solutions address this problem by simplifying the entire marking process. Industrial coding technologies like continuous inkjet printers, thermal inkjet printers, and high-resolution case coders can greatly reduce the amount of time needed to apply labels and traceable codes. On the design side, label management software (LMS) enables companies to streamline the labeling process by:

  • Providing users with easy-to-use label templates
  • Connecting previously disparate data networks to ensure label accuracy and streamline variable data updates
  • Enabling remote management of all printer systems for simplified operation

Of today’s LMS programs, NiceLabel is perhaps the biggest name in the industry. Here, we take a look at how to use NiceLabel, all the way from program installation to operational considerations.   

How To Install NiceLabel Software 

First, it’s essential to note that you must have a Windows-equipped computer to run NiceLabel. NiceLabel software is a Windows-driver, so if you don’t have the appropriate computer, the program won’t be able to work at all. 

As long as you have the right computer hardware, however, the NiceLabel installation process is quite simple and has no additional requirements. Follow these step-by-step instructions to complete installation:

Step 1:

If you have downloaded the software package, simply click “Run NiceLabel10.exe” and verify that you would like to install the program on your computer.

Step 2:

Select your preferred interface language from the drop-down menu to launch the NiceLabel Setup window.

Step 3:

Click next on the NiceLabel installer and accept the NiceLabel End User License Agreement.

Step 4:

After you have accepted the End User License Agreement, NiceLabel will have you select the appropriate license activation method. Select one of the following:

  1. A 30-day free trial, if you wish to simply try the program before purchasing
  2. A license of hardware key, if you have already purchased a NiceLabel product license
  3. A NiceLabel Control Center connection, if you are running Control Center and want to activate NiceLabel with the same license and integrate the program into your Label Management System
  4. A NiceLabel Cloud subscription

Step 5:

Choose Print-Download driver.

Following these five steps, you will be ready to run NiceLabel on your system. 

How To Use NiceLabel Software in Your Everyday Operations

Once NiceLabel is installed to your system, you are ready to begin designing labels and assigning application tasks to the printers in your system. 

The label design process itself is simple and can be completed in minutes. To begin designing, open up NiceLabel and follow these six steps:

Step 1:

On the home screen, select “New Label.” 

Step 2:

On the next screen, choose whether you want your label’s orientation to be portrait or landscape. Tap “Next” to decide your label dimensions, margins, and radius.

Once you have selected your preferences, tap “Finish” to begin designing the label

Step 3:

In the work area, begin creating your label by tapping the “Text” option.

This will create a text box in your work area where you can input whatever text you would like and adjust its size by dragging the text box.

Step 4:

Add a barcode by tapping the barcode option located underneath the text option. This creates a default barcode to appear underneath the text in your work area.

To alter the barcode, double-click on the image to open the text editor. Type in the desired content and tap anywhere on the work area to enact your changes. 

Step 5:

To readjust any of these elements, simply click and drag them around the work area until you have created a label that you are happy with. 

Step 6:

Save your work by tapping “File” and then either “Save” or “Save As.” Create a name for your label template and select “OK.”

After you have finalized a label design, you can begin applying it to products by assigning an application task to any of the printers connected to the system. One of the benefits of NiceLabel is that it’s compatible with a wide range of printers, including:

These machines offer different labeling speeds, material compatibility, and application methods but are all controllable via NiceLabel. Consequently, users can significantly improve operational efficiency by using NiceLabel to remotely control printing operations and pull labels from a centralized database.

Moreover, NiceLabel’s enterprise-wide data connection enables users to automatically update all of the variable data on their label designs. By replacing manual data entry with auto-updating master data, companies benefit from:

  • The elimination of human data entry errors
  • A reduction in labor costs associated with data entry and manual quality assurance
  • Increased labeling efficiencies across the board 

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As coding/marking experts with 30+ years of industry experience, we know first-hand how beneficial NiceLabel software can be. That’s why we offer personal help to new and old NiceLabel users alike. 

With the aid of our step-by-step instruction, you can ensure that NiceLabel will:

  • Be fully integrated throughout your entire data network
  • Be able to communicate with all of your printers 
  • Offer you the ability to create properly formatted codes and labels
  • Be able to auto-update variable data for a streamlined label design experience

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