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Compact, versatile, and available at economic price points, thermal inkjet (TIJ) printers are one of the most popular marking options on the market today. Although TIJ printers are small in size and only weigh around 5-10 pounds, they are still powerful marking tools that can create codes at resolutions around 300 DPI and higher. Moreover, these lightweight properties make TIJ machines ideal for users that require a high level of mobility from their printers—and there’s nothing more portable than a handheld TIJ printer. 

At InkJet, Inc., we carry several TIJ models to help our customers complete their marking applications with maximum ease and efficiency. Included in our offerings are two handheld TIJ printers: the Anser U2 Pro-S 1/2" and the Anser U2 SmartOne. Here, we take a look at the specs of these printers, where they work best, and how they can benefit your business. 

The Benefits of a Handheld TIJ Printer

TIJ printers have been a popular coding technology across industries since they were first introduced to the market in the 1990s. Available at lower upfront costs than other industrial marking technologies like continuous inkjet printers and laser marking systems, TIJ printers provide users with the ability to create highly-legible, long-lasting codes without sacrificing hardware quality. Handheld TIJ printers provide users with these abilities while also providing unmatched portability.

With the help of a handheld TIJ printer, users can benefit from:

  • Zero-Maintenance Operation: The printhead-free construction of TIJ printers eliminates the need for annual maintenance. 
  • Highly-Readable Codes: InkJet, Inc.’s TIJ printers are capable of creating codes at resolutions above 300 x 300 DPI, guaranteeing easy readability and machine scannability.
  • Wide Substrate Compatibility: With InkJet, Inc.’s TIJ printer and various ink options, users can code everything from cardboard to plastic to metal and beyond.

InkJet, Inc.’s Available Handheld TIJ Printers




Handheld Anser U2 Pro-S 1/2" Thermal Inkjet Printer

  • $1,899.00 sale price
  • Compatible with both porous and non-porous substrates
  • 120 m/min max speed

Anser U2 SmartOne 

  • Available in stationary and handled variations
  • One inch maximum print height
  • Max speed at 120 meters per minute



Important Similarities and Differences Between the Anser Pro-S and the Anser SmartOne

The Anser Pro-S and SmartOne share many similarities that make them both fantastic handheld TIJ options. For example, they both offer:

  • Printing speeds up to 120 m/min for high levels of labeling efficiency.
  • Operating temperatures of 5°C – 40°C (41°F – 104°F) which accounts for various conditions.
  • Unit dimensions of 114 (L) x 76 (W) x 60 (H) (mm) for easy line integration and mobile use.
  • 3.5-inch LCD screens that provide great user experiences without increasing machine size.
  • Pocket-sized remote keypads that make remote operations easy to perform.
  • Friendly UI & intelligent dashboard design that continuously monitors the printer’s status and provides users with real-time updates.
  • Effective dust cover design to help protect the printer from the airborne particles commonly found in harsh environments.
  • Anti-shock mechanism design to provide the printer with additional protection against physical damage.
  • Automatic ink identification that adjusts the printer’s firing parameters to ensure that codes are printed at the highest quality possible.

While these features make both TIJ options capable of creating quality date codes, barcodes, data matrices, and more, their differences do influence which one will better meet the needs of specific users. Most notably:

Handheld TIJ Printer Model Name

Substrate Compatibility

Maximum Print Height

Maximum DPI 

Anser U2 Pro-S 1/2"

Porous and non-porous

0.5 inch

400 x 600 DPI

Anser U2 SmartOne

Porous Only

1 inch

400 x 300 DPI

  • Only the Anser U2 Pro-S Can Mark Non-Porous Materials: Both the U2 Pro-S and U2 SmartOne are able to mark porous and semi-porous substrates, including paper, cardboard, sponge, wood, waxed surfaces, plaster, and concrete. However, only the Pro-S is compatible with the solvent-based inks needed to label non-porous materials like plastic, metal, varnished wood, and glass.
  • The Anser U2 Pro-S Maxes Out at 0.5” Print Heights: The Anser U2 SmartOne derives its name from its ability to make images and codes up to one inch high. If you need to make larger codes or mark shipping cartons, the Anser U2 SmartOne will be a better choice for you.
  • The Anser U2 Pro-S Has a Slightly Higher Max Printing Resolution: The Anser U2 Pro-S is capable of marking codes at a max resolution of 400 x 600 DPI, while the Anser SmartOne maxes out at 400 x 300 DPI. For those seeking the absolute best code resolution possible, Anser U2 Pro-S is the printer for you. 

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