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A flexible packaging printer is a specialized printing machine used for printing on flexible packaging materials. Flexible packaging often includes plastic films, paper, aluminum foil, and other laminated materials. The printing process for flexible packaging is crucial as it directly impacts the visual appeal, branding, and information on the packaging. Here are some key considerations for choosing a flexible packaging printer:


10 Considerations for Selecting a Flexible Packaging Printer

1) Printing Technology

✔ Flexographic printing uses flexible relief plates and is suitable for printing on various substrates, including films, foils, and paper.

✔ Gravure printing involves engraving the image onto a cylinder and is often used for long print runs.

2) Substrates and Materials

✔ Flexible packaging printers should be able to handle a range of substrates, including different types of films, laminates, and papers.

3) Color Management

✔ Advanced color management systems are essential for achieving the desired print quality.

4) Printing Speed and Efficiency

✔ High-speed flexible packaging printers are designed to meet the demands of the packaging industry.

5) Drying and Curing Systems

✔ Drying and curing systems should be integrated into the printing process to ensure quick and reliable results.

6) Web Handling Systems

✔ Flexible packaging printers need effective web handling systems to manage the continuous feed of materials through the printing press. 

7) Ink Compatibility

✔ Printers must support the specific types of inks used in flexible packaging, which are often formulated to adhere well to various substrates and provide good environmental resistance.

8) Versatility

✔ Versatile printers can accommodate various printing jobs, from simple designs to complex, high-resolution graphics. 

9) Integrated Inspection Systems

✔ Advanced flexible packaging printers include inspection systems to detect and correct printing defects automatically.

10) Environmental Considerations

✔ Printers with environmentally friendly inks and energy-efficient features contribute to more sustainable packaging production.

Flexible Packaging Printing Solutions

When choosing a flexible packaging printer, it's important to consider your specific printing jobs, materials, and production volume. Keeping up with industry trends and advances in printing technology can also help you make informed decisions. InkJet, Inc., has been in the industrial printing business for more than 30 years, and we're here to help you with your flexible packaging printing needs. If you want to mark flexible packaging quickly and legibly, we have a wide range of printer and ink options. 

At InkJet, Inc., we can meet all your flexible packaging printer needs. With a vast portfolio of hardware and ink options, we can ensure that your operation is stocked with the right equipment to mark plastics quickly and legibly. Call us today to learn how we can help improve your operation.

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