Aftermarket Videojet Ink Cartridges: Better Quality, Lower Price

Videojet® Technologies Inc. is one of today’s largest sources of industrial printing technology and is best known for its popular encoding and marking equipment. Today, Videojet has over 325,000 units installed across the globe, a total that includes thermal inkjet (TIJ) printers, high-resolution case coders, and continuous inkjet (CIJ) models from their popular 1000 series. 

When it comes to certain older models, such as Excel 170i, Excel 2000, Excel series 100, and legacy 1000 series models, Videojet doesn’t even produce ink for them anymore. Instead, they try to sell newer printers over supporting older, still-operational ones. For those facing this scenario, InkJet, Inc. offers a superior line of replacement Videojet ink cartridges that is more versatile, high-performing, and affordable than OEM (original equipment manufacturer) solutions. If you are unable to get the cartridges you need from Videojet, or you just want to try a superior product with more ink for less money, then this is the solution for you. 

InkJet, Inc.’s line of replacement Videojet ink cartridges will help you:

Save on Costs

This advantage just boils down to basic arithmetic. Across the board, Videojet sells ink cartridges with a smaller capacity at a higher price than InkJet, Inc. To demonstrate, we will compare the prices of Videojet’s V411-D ink to that of InkJet, Inc.’s OS411—two black methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) inks that are specifically formulated for plastic adhesion and fast drying. Both are compatible with the 1000 series line of CIJ printers but they differ greatly when it comes to cost. 

Through Videojet’s website, a single 750 ml cartridge of V411-D will cost you $122.15, equaling a little over 16 cents per milliliter. There are no offered bulk deals or discounts, just the standard price. Meanwhile, InkJet, Inc. offers five-packs of 950 ml OS411 for $395. When broken down to price per milliliter, the OS411 five-pack comes out to around 8 cents per milliliter. 

In other words, InkJet, Inc. can supply your 1000 series Videojet printer with superior ink at half the cost of OEM. This trend doesn’t just apply to V411-D either. InkJet, Inc.’s “Open Source” fluid line is filled with ultra-clean ink formulations that work in 1000 series printers to perform specialty functions at higher performance than their OEM counterparts. 

Produce Consistent, High-Quality Results

The Open Source line of replacement Videojet ink cartridges is formulated using the same techniques that first put InkJet, Inc. at the forefront of ink chemistry nearly thirty years ago. At our research and development lab in Willis, Texas, we use an industry-leading enhanced filtration system as part of our six-step ink creation process. We have used this method for decades to produce high-performing inks, and we’re so confident that our formulations will work flawlessly with Videojet products, that we offer a money-back guarantee. 

No specialty steps are needed to install these cartridges. Simply remove the old cartridge, install the new one, and continue printing—no maintenance visit or ink flushing necessary. Complementing this intuitive replacement system is the prospect of expanded uptime. 

Considering cartridge size alone, InkJet, Inc.’s Open Source line utilizes cartridges that contain 200ml more ink than Videojet’s offering, enabling longer operation periods before needing to replenish ink. Additionally, the ink that results from InkJet, Inc.’s micro-fine filtration system allows for extended operation without issues. After all, when companies run into printer issues, more often than not it traces back to the ink and not the printer. With the time-tested filtration system used by InkJet, Inc., it’s an ink that can be depended on.

Accommodate Special Concerns

Not only do we offer inks that mirror the qualities of specific Videojet counterparts, but we also provide custom ink services as well. If you need ink for a certain application where you can’t find an alternative on the market, our ink chemists will listen to your concerns and create an ink formulation to meet your specifications and work with your printer. 

Some of the most common characteristics that our chemists incorporate into custom inks include:

  • Color-changing properties
  • Temperature resistance
  • Humidity resistance
  • Specific drying times
  • Substrate specialization
  • Edibility
  • Retort-resistance

InkJet, Inc. Offers Better Service and Better Ink

If you are currently using a Videojet printer, you can make the most of your machine by upgrading your ink source. With InkJet, Inc.'s Open Source fluid line, you can save money, maximize your production line's uptime, and maintain a high level of print quality. Need a special type of ink for a specific application? Our ink chemists and printing experts will work with you to create a custom ink that perfectly meets your needs.

To learn more about InkJet, Inc.’s line of replacement Videojet ink cartridges, or for any other questions about printers and ink, contact InkJet, Inc. today by dialing (800) 280-3245.