4 Steps of TIJ Principle

4 Steps of the Thermal Inkjet Principle

Thermal inkjet or TIJ technology uses a drop ejection process, storing ink in a cartridge that regulates the pressure of the fluid. Inks are then delivered to the firing chamber to be heated at more than 1,800,032° F / 1,000,000° C/second by an electric resister. A 0.1 micrometer thick film of ink is heated to around 644° F / 340° C, from which a bubble is formed to expel the ink. A droplet breaks away from this bubble causing it to collapse, the firing chamber then refills as the whole process repeats.

When do you choose a TIJ printer over a piezo head printer or CIJ?

When looking at different printer types, there are many variables to consider. One is how the item or product you are printing on is being delivered.

If the item is flat and delivered smoothly, meaning with low vibration and consistently straight and can travel very close to the printer, TIJ is the right fit. Another factor is ink delivery. With piezo head and CIJ printers, you typically use containers or reservoirs filled with ink that you have to refill and that ink is delivered through a separate printhead. TIJ is a cartridge based ink delivery system and every new cartridge IS a brand new printhead. Thermal inkjet technology is also high resolution that can handle printing very clear images, like barcodes, QR codes and logos. Of course there are plenty of other factors and you can speak to an InkJet, Inc. representative about your specific application for details.

InkJet, Inc. offers the ANSER brand of thermal inkjet (TIJ) printers. One of the most dependable, easy-to-set-up and use printers on the market that will compete with any TIJ printer when you compare cost-per-print and cost of ownership. There are three different models available:

  • Anser U2 Smart – half inch print ideal for porous material

  • Anser U2 SmartOne – one-inch print idea for porous material

  • Anser U2 Pro-S – half inch print with solvent-based ink that is ideal for non-porous material

Each model is also available in a handheld, mobile version.