Custom Inkjet Ink

Custom Performance InkJet Ink – Basics of Ink Creation

With a comprehensive on-site laboratory, over 25 years’ experience in developing ink technologies, and a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant, InkJet can design and manufacture inks to meet your most unique and complex printing needs. If you are stumped by a printing or substrate challenge, we have the expertise and experience to create a custom solution to meet your use case.

InkJet, Inc. takes great pride in the high-quality, innovative ink solutions we’ve developed using our tested and proved R&D process methodology.

The six stages of the ink creation process:



Resin is an important component as it binds the other materials consumed in the process together and forms a film that aids in adhering to the substrate.



The dye contains high quality colorants which provide visibility on substrates.

Step #3


The solvent is added to dissolve the binder and dye to maintain the flow of the ink at a certain viscosity.


Mixed Fluid

All ingredients are mixed to form a homogenous solution.



The ink is then moved through an enhanced filtration system to remove anything that was insoluble.



The ink is then tested to ensure quality and to help determine the properties of the formula.



Lastly, the fluid is packaged in the required container.

InkJet, Inc. follows a basic philosophy of inspiration and perspiration in the creation of custom performance inks.


Our in-house R&D lab gathers inspiration from around the globe.


Each fluid/ink is designed from customer requirements to experimental testing and then to the final formula.


Do you have a special application or need for a custom ink? Contact us today!