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Wire and cable extrusion is a uniquely challenging field. Profitability hinges on maintaining continuous uptime and keeping production lines running at hundreds of meters per minute. If one production line element is off, it can result in profit-draining downtime, scrap, and rework.

To avoid these expensive problems, wire and cable manufacturers must optimize every part of their production line—including their product marking hardware. After all, properly placed codes offer several benefits in wire and cable production, including:

  • Communicating to consumers that the product is well-constructed
  • Fostering full product traceability
  • Complying with any distribution network labeling requirements

For the last 30 years, InkJet, Inc. has helped wire and cable companies maximize efficiency by providing them with optimized coding solutions. With our hardware selection, diverse ink portfolio, and decades of first-hand industry knowledge, we can help you find the perfect wire and cable marking printer to meet your needs. 

A High-Quality Marking Solution Is Key To Wire and Cable Manufacturing Efficiency

Wire and cable extrusion is a notoriously demanding process. Industrial-speed production lines and extreme temperature fluctuations are required to convert raw materials into finished products. Moreover, the extrusion process cannot be paused without causing significant periods of profit-draining downtime. 

When production lines are moving hundreds of meters per minute, it’s essential to use a marking solution that can keep pace in the face of harsh facility elements like:

  • Extreme temperatures 
  • Moisture presence
  • Chemical and solvent presence
  • Dust and other airborne contaminants

Thankfully, the industrial coding market is filled with high-speed labeling solutions built to operate in even the toughest conditions. 

Today’s Top Wire and Cable Marking Solutions

When performing wire and cable marking, it’s essential to have a marking system that can deliver:

  • Industrial speed
  • High accuracy
  • Consistent code quality
  • Continuous operation

With these qualities, wire and cable companies can maximize their efficiency and minimize downtime. At InkJet, Inc., we carry a variety of marking solutions specifically designed to excel in wire and cable extrusion facilities. 

Some of our most popular options include:

  • The DuraCode Continuous Inkjet Printer: Capable of uninterrupted high-speed coding for up to 24 hours a day, the DuraCode CIJ is a great choice for industrial wire and cable marking lines. Additionally, the new 260-P is designed for high-contrast applications that also include wire and cable. Built with an IP55 outer structure and able to operate in temperatures ranging from 41-113° F, DuraCode printers are built to resist the environmental hazards present in extrusion facilities to deliver consistently excellent results. With .07-50mm, 34 vertical drops, free choice of print matrix, and over 20 pigmented ink options, it’s a guaranteed fit with your application.
  • FastJet F8100 Series Laser Marking System: Fast, accurate, and capable of delivering high-quality results, laser systems are becoming increasingly popular throughout the wire and cable extrusion field. InkJet, Inc.’s own FastJet system offers a max marking speed of 2,000 characters per second, making it a great option for wire and cable marking lines. 

The Right Ink Is Essential To Wire and Cable Printing Success

Even if you have the best printer available installed on your production line, product coding will be impossible without the right ink formula. Harsh environmental factors like extreme temperatures and plasticizer presence are commonly found in extrusion plants. If unaccounted for, these elements can wreak havoc on codes and prevent proper ink adherence. 

Since 1989, InkJet, Inc. has helped wire and cable companies achieve coding success with the help of specialty ink formulas. Today, our ink portfolio is filled with diverse options that fit the needs of different line setups and facilities. Our offerings include inks with the following properties:

  • Fast drying times (touch dry less than one second)
  • Rub resistance 
  • UV curability
  • Alcohol-resistance
  • Solvent-resistance
  • Moisture-resistance
  • Transfer-resistance
  • Fade-resistance

InkJet, Inc. also offers a number of OEM alternatives as well as custom ink services to help companies find the perfect formula to meet their marking needs. 

Need a New Wire and Cable Marking Printer or Laser Solution? InkJet, Inc. Has You Covered

It’s no secret that wire and cable extrusion is a demanding industry. To maintain profitability and stave off downtime, it’s important to have a marking solution that offers industrial speed, high accuracy, and consistent code quality. At InkJet, Inc., we offer a variety of marking solutions that are up to the task. 

Whether you’re looking for a wire and cable marking printer or industrial laser system, InkJet, Inc. has the combination of hardware and expertise to help you find the right perfect solution. Call today to learn more. 

For more information on our wire and cable marking printers and laser systems, contact InkJet, Inc. online today or call 1(800) 280-3245