How to Get a Test Print with No Obligation

We offer substrate test prints with no obligation to you! There are two options for getting a sample print:

  1. Tell us the material you are printing on - we have a lot of material here (been in business 30 years) and we may have something that matches what you need to print on. Tell us material, color, how fast or prints per minute needed and environment (cold, hot, wet, etc.)

  2. If we don't have your material or you want to see it on your product/material, all you have to do is send samples of the product/material you need to print on and we will run some test prints for you.

    We will then follow up with you about the results.


  1. Package up four to five samples (if they are larger and we can run multiple print samples on one piece, then one or two will work.)

  2. Include a business card in the package and as much detail as you can about your process and environment that are printing in. For instance:

    • What needs to be printed? On a conveyor? Handheld needed? Temperature? How many prints per minute needed? As much as you can supply will help us provide the best test code for you.

  3. Send your package to:

    • InkJet, Inc., ATTN: Marc B.
      11111 Inkjet Way
      Willis, TX 77378

Need to speak to someone now?

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