Print Solutions Manager

Print Solutions Manager at InkJet, Inc.

Print Solutions Managers (PSM) within InkJet, Inc. act as the face of the company throughout the United States. They are the people who connect solutions and printers with customers. Whatever the challenges and goals are of a manufacturer, packager or integrator, the PSM's role is meet those challenges and goals. 

Dean H. has been with InkJet, Inc. for 20 years and we asked him what he likes about being a Print Solutions Manager. This is what he said:

"I enjoy going into manufacturing companies and learning about their applications and processes. Every day and every customer site is different, so it's challenging, but that's what keeps it fresh as well. I also enjoy the relationships that I've built over these years, with customers, distributors and co-workers."

In any job and within any company, there are challenges and the stresses of dealing with the pressure to perform. Dean commented:

"Troubleshooting is always challenging, but finding the right solution for a customer makes it worth it. Plus, the support of co-workers and staying focused on the job in front of me keeps everything working well."  

For those who know Dean, know he has a big personality and great sense of humor! If anyone can be serious about his career and not take himself too seriously, it's him!

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