Culture, Core Values and History

InkJet, Inc.’s purpose is to “Nurture the Maverick Spirt” in each employee so they will make intentional, innovative choices that will best meet our customer’s goals. 

InkJet, Inc.’s goal as an employer is to empower each employee with financial and strategic company information to create an understanding of how they impact the customer and the company’s success. 

With a teamwork approach, employees are encouraged to explore various roles and responsibilities in different departments and the potential of career growth through cross-training. We believe in developing well-rounded associates who have an understanding of the business from different perspectives, so they can function with the mindset of a business owner, recognizing opportunities for growth, increased productivity, and improved customer satisfaction. 


Express Your Mad Scientist
Fail Forward, Stretch your mind, Get stuff done

Pulverize Expectations
Deliver WoW, Thirst for more, Never settle

Build the Tribe
Choose kindness, Lift others, Share our passion

Rabid About Reputation
Do what you say, Earn respect, Take ownership

1991 Tom Quinlan and Dave Martin

Nurture the Maverick Spirit

After our humble beginning in 1989, InkJet, Inc. earned a global reputation among competitors, OEMs and distributors for maintaining our status as the best manufacturer in this niche.

Our service and solutions now reach over 55 countries around the world where we are the leader in industries such as food and beverage, automotive, pharmaceutical and commercial printing. Our valued customers trust our consistent quality, competitive prices, professional technical support and unsurpassed service.

In 2013, our respected founder, Thomas Quinlan, and his wife Donna, passed away. Their three daughters continue their legacy, with the eldest, Patricia, now in the company’s top leadership position.

Today, InkJet, Inc. follows the same principles that guided us in the earliest days. InkJet Inc.’s Purpose and Core Values lead us in the right direction.

Ariel photos of the InkJet, Inc. building; on the left is from 1995 and on the right photo is from 2009


InkJet, Inc. has achieved ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Certification in recognition of its management quality systems and processes.

InkJet, Inc. is a woman owned business proudly certified as a Women’s Business Enterprise by the WBENC.